Open enrollment often feels like an “all hands-on deck” moment for many employers. From setup, communication, enrollment forms, and tracking down that one employee who still hasn’t submitted his paperwork, it may seem like a miracle that your team got through the process successfully in the past. The team behind Benefits All In has experienced these challenges firsthand, and we’ve created a technology platform to bring open enrollment into the 21st century.


Our online system uses state of the art technology to help you manage all aspects of the open enrollment process. While you might initially think moving to a new system will be too difficult, our highly skilled implementation team will work with you and your Broker to streamline the process and have you up and running typically within 60 days (oftentimes even sooner).
Besides reducing the workload and improving efficiency for HR, the Benefit’s All-In system offers an amazing experience for employees. Our flexible and intuitive enrollment process allows members to complete elections on their own schedule and speed. The proprietary “All In for You” resource analysis provides members with unique insight and guidance so that they can make informed benefit choices that will best meet their needs.
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As employees choose to appropriate other favorable healthcare resources, the cost of health insurance becomes more sustainable and they become more profitable. Benefits presented in a way that truly benefits employees while managing risk

  • Easy Access to Enrollment Data
  • Streamlined Process
  • Reduced Workload & Increased Efficiency for HR
  • Comfortable Experience for Employees