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The Benefit Resource Genie™ empowers your employees with the options best suited to their unique situations — inside and outside of their employer-sponsored plans.

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Increasing healthcare quality while decreasing costs can be tricky. But with the right strategy, these challenges can be met.

The Benefit Resource Genie™, identifies and matches employees with their best healthcare options – whether inside or outside their employer-sponsored plan.

By leveraging options such as VA, Medicare, or spouses’ plans, the Benefit Resource Genie™ can secure better coverage to meet the unique needs of employees and their families — while supporting them throughout the decision-making process and their enrollment onto new plans.

In just three simple steps, the Benefit Resource Genie™ gets to know an organization and its workforce, before recommending the best option for employees with complicated situations.

Optimizing your benefits program in just three simple steps.

Know the Employer

Benefit Resource Genie™ starts the conversation with a complimentary Initial Impact Assessment that identifies areas within your organization where alternative resources can be used and demonstrates to you the potential of an overhaul.

Member Study

The Benefits Education Specialists conduct Household Needs Assessments (HNAs) with employees to understand their situations and educate them on all of their benefit options.

Member Support

With the information acquired in the previous phase, Executive Resource Specialists develop and present opportunities that can be realized as
part of your client’s ongoing strategy.

The Benefits Resource Genie can identify between 2-5% of the organization with alternative resources better suited to them. This approach has saved up to $500 per employee for previous clients.

Case Studies

As employees choose to appropriate other favorable healthcare resources, the cost of health insurance becomes more sustainable and they become more profitable. Benefits presented in a way that truly benefits employees while managing risk

  • Easy Access to Enrollment Data
  • Streamlined Process
  • Reduced Workload & Increased Efficiency for HR
  • Comfortable Experience for Employees


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