Saving $2,051,708 by Listening to Employees

A client in the assisted living sector faced a number of strategic challenges: rising healthcare costs, new technology requirements and decreased labor availability.

Facing a difficult renewal, they reached out to the Benefit Resource Genie™ team in the hopes of keeping costs down while improving member experience. The team swiftly put its three-step plan to work:

An Initial Impact Assessment

This quickly revealed areas within the organization where alternative resources could be leveraged by employees. A plan, demonstrating areas for improvement, was presented to the employer.

A Household Needs Assessment

More was learned about the employees at the household level. This helped the team to better understand the employees and their household circumstances – and to connect with those whose needs could be better met with other health plans.


This was presented to the employer, summing up results achieved so far, future projections and long-term plans. Additionally, the team continued to assist employees through enrollment onto alternative plans.

Overall, this approach achieved all of the client’s objectives – employees felt more empowered with plans that better addressed their individual situations, and the organization enjoyed significant savings.

Over a third of the workforce was found to be eligible for alternative resources, leading to a saving of $2,051,708 for the employer.

The Breakdown

Case study provided by BAI – all results specific to the example given and will vary based on individual cases.