FAQ – Top 10

1. What differentiates Benefits All In?

BAI was created to improve the experience and outcome for all through resourceful risk management, benefit education and concierge enrollment solutions.

2. Does BAI donate any of their proceeds to charitable organizations?

Yes.  We believe in giving back to our community and supporting organizations that help to make a difference.  See what we’re up to here.

3. Do you work with national companies?

Absolutely, we work with companies on a regional and national basis.

4. What type of companies do you work with?

Employers have implemented our services in both the private and public sector.  We have worked with school districts, cities, counties, medical facilities, manufacturers, construction, auto dealerships, and call centers to name a few.

5. What type of enrollment processes do you offer?

We specialize in Telephonic and Self-serve enrollments.  We are here to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

6. What insurance products do you educate and enroll? 

7. What type of services do you educate and enroll?

8. Are your Benefit Education Specialists (BES) paid commission?

No, our BESs are paid on a W-2 or per diem basis and do not earn a commission on any products they enroll.  Our customers can have peace of mind knowing we have their best interest in mind during the risk management, benefit education and concierge enrollment process.

9. Do you have a printable brochure?

Yes, please Click Here

10. How can we learn more?

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