Protecting a Single Parent’s Paycheck

Balancing professional and personal life can be difficult as a single parent. And that’s before you even consider navigating the healthcare system.

The Opportunity

We identified a client’s employee that balanced a full-time workload while single-handedly raising a child with special needs. Her child attended an out-of-network care facility during the day, which offered the therapies required and much-needed caretaking duties.

Unfortunately, this setup wasn’t financially sustainable: the family’s medical costs ate up half of her pay. What’s more, therapy bills for her son consistently exceeded $45,000 every year.


When we learned of this situation during a Household Needs Assessment, we immediately prioritized the employee. We found that her child was eligible for state insurance – an avenue the employee hadn’t considered before, though income-eligible.

Working with the local job and family service department, we helped the employee secure state insurance for her son – and to shift her own enrollment tier to employee only.

The Outcome

The employee’s monthly take-home pay has now increased by $600. Not only has this massively alleviated her financial burden, but it also sets aside money for out-of-network therapies that her son still needs.

Lower costs for employers. A higher quality of healthcare for employees.

Benefit Resource Genie TM doesn’t guarantee the savings achieved in this case.